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Youth Parkour Classes

Our Youth Parkour Classes are ideal for a range of individuals to learn and develop their foundational Parkour movements. These classes prioritise safe and fun training and are suitable for all ability levels no matter the participant's previous experience or level of fitness. These sessions are aimed at those as young as 8 years old with no upper age limit. Our instructors adapt each class to facilitate training which is inclusive and beneficial to each participant's training pathway.

These classes don't follow a strict curriculum or term-plan, so you can start at any time and students won't necessarily get 'left behind' if they happen to miss a week. So whether these are your first steps into the world of Parkour, or you're a current practitioner looking to develop further, our instructors will make sure you have the skills and support you need to evolve your training.


Classes can move through many types of environments from grass to sand, to concrete – so we recommend comfortable runners and comfortable old clothes which are okay if they get some dirt on them. If you're concerned about any medical conditions affecting involvement in the class, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced coaching team strive to make our classes accessible to all no matter what!

Youth Parkour Classes run weekly every Saturday afternoon from 4PM to 6PM during the Spring and Summer months, and 3PM to 5PM during the Autumn and Winter months. Youth Parkour Classes take a brief break over the December Holiday period. Check out our bookings page to see times for upcoming classes. We'll see you there!

Youth Classes

Adult Parkour Class

Whether you're a long-time practitioner or a first-timer looking to learn how to move through the urban landscape, our Adult Parkour Classes are suitable for you. Classes run for two hours and can cover a variety of Parkour movements ranging from vaulting to jumping, climbing and balancing. The content and challenges of the class are always tailored toward the class experience level with varying themes and topics. The location of the classes changes each week, so be sure to check the booking page for the Pin Location.

These classes generally look to introduce attendees to more involved and complex movements and concepts. Despite this, our instructors make every effort to keep the content inclusive and adaptable so new attendees can access and enjoy the class just the same. Our Adult Parkour Classes are aimed at those 18 years of age and older, and similar to our Youth Classes, does not feature a strict curriculum or term-plan.

Adult Parkour Classes run weekly every Wednesday evening from 6:30PM to 8:30PM. These classes run at this time all year round with a brief break over the December Holiday period. Check out our bookings page to see times for the upcoming classes. See you then!

Adult Classes

Community Workshops

Perth Parkour has run a number of successful community workshops. The most recent was a set of all-ages workshops for Fremantle Council, activating the Esplanade Youth Plaza area to teach participants how to move over/under/around obstacles smoothly and safely.

If you are part of a local government body and are interested in activating a community space with a workshop, please get in touch so we can discuss how to best achieve your goals.

Community Workshops

Instructor Development

At Perth Parkour, we're invested in the consistent improvement of our instructing body. All of our instructors attend regular debriefs on classes, skill workshops from subject matter experts, accredited training in first aid, and frequent skill-sharing sessions from other instructors and members of the wider parkour community.

By upskilling our instructors, we can better facilitate workshops and classes to include a greater range of participants, including people who are movement impaired or neurodiverse.

All instructors hold valid Working with Children Checks and St. John Ambulance First Aid certificates.

Developing our Team
Instructor Development

Community Development

Outside of our classes and workshops, Perth has a friendly extended community of parkour practitioners who frequently train in public spaces.  A popular place to see where people are training is the Gatherings and Jams group on Facebook.

Community Development


Got something else in mind? Please reach out! We are very flexible and would love to work with you.

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